it's all down hill from here honey
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Bussy tight weave done right 


in this week’s slightly delayed issue of td fandom selfie sunday tumblr user tabine goes on holiday and horribly misjudges the weather

I have released the sheep.
Noah while playing an online board game

TRACK: bottoms topping for the first time
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me pretty much always

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“I’m just trying to create a musical realm that people are invited to come and enjoy but it’s hard, people want to judge and hate and that’s just something I’m starting to deal with now because I know that this album is going to come out in a couple of months and I’m going to have to deal with the rejection.” 

Matt Corby

vervesocial 2013

# beautiful HQ photo

Good lord my ovaries

Matty, you are such a wonderful man.


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this is literally the most manic pixie dream girl couple i have ever seen in my entire life

OKAY SINCE some things have been moved around and flip turned upside I made art of the OFFicial sqaud ta da

starting with cass and going around counterclockwise, we got: 

Noah (sheerturmoil), Tristan (blaineleystaceyandrewsohalloran), ali (chref), Lu (haroldnorbertcheeverdorismcgrady), me (skeeterdayz), ella (tortellani), jessie aka duckie (laneypenns), and ryan (winnerchallenged) 

the OF FICIAL SQAUD Everyon e